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Brazen Brows, Perfect Eyeliner and Fabulous Lashes - the work of a Pure Eye Designer!!


Eye Brow Feathering / Microblading / Nano Brows / Combination Brows / Eye Liner Cosmetic Tattooing / Eye Lash Extensions / Lash Lifting & Tinting / Brow Sculpting / Lip Blend Cosmetic Tattooing

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The eyes frame your whole being, breathing life and energy back into your face..


The struggle to get brows, liner, lashes perfect everyday, whilst usually in a rush to get ready for your day can be challenging.  Only to find at lunchtime that you have a smeared , half missing eyebrow and your eyeliner has somehow been eaten by your skin, OR it seemed perfect that morning…. but alas, now that you are clearly awake -your liner appears as one Gaga and one Marilyn.


And who doesnt want volumised lashes????


This is where we at Brow Culture Cosmetic Tattooing and Eye Design - step in…

Wake up every morning with Semi Permanent Makeup done!!   


Allow us to provide you with naturally enhanced brows, stunning semi permanent eyeliner, a perfected lip pout & some beautiful lashes on to that picture and its a fabulous you every day!!


A Hypo-Allergenic Pigment Is Implanted Into The Skin, whether it be Eye Brows, Eyeliner or a Lip Blend. 


Every person is individual and we work to formulate a design that works best for your face and your expectations. 


This is a semi permanent enhancement and the longevity varies from person to person.


Feather Touch Brows have taken the world by storm!! Hair Strokes are implanted into the skin via either a microblading technique or a NANO Brow technique ( which lasts a little longer). 


Our experience and training is extensive, having had 18 years experience within the beauty industry. 


Utilising techniques from overseas Master Trainers and top Australian Trainers, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

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