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Eye Brow Tattooing Pricing


Feathering / Microblading Brows

Hairstrokes inserted into the skin via a microblading handtool.  A soft natural Finish

Initial session $450

Perfection Session $200


Feathering Nano Brows (Machine)

Hairstrokes inserted into the skin via a fine tip NANO machine.  A stronger natural Finish

Better longevity

Initial Session $495

Perfection Session $250


Combination Brows

Stronger Healed effect. Appears a natural looking powdered brow with a subtle hint of strokes blended through the brow.

Initial Session $495

Perfecting session $250


Ombre / Powder Brows

A powdered Brow, either a natural powder effect or a strong finish. No strokes

Initial Session $450

Perfection Session $220



A non refundable deposit of $100 is taken upon booking both treatments. Both treatments are made at once to ensure we have made time for you. This deposit is used for the 2nd Appointment and redeemed on the second session.


Third treatments may be needed due to oily skins, poorly healing skins or an expected strong brow outcome.

Third Session $150-$200 depending on technique required




Eye Liner Tattooing Pricing


Lash Enhancement Liner

Fine line to enhance natural Lash density

Initial Session $450

Perfection Session $200


Classic Eyeliner

Classic Eyeliner thickness with a gentle lift in wing area

Initial Session $450

Perfection Session $250


Dramatic Eyeliner

Dramatic Eyeliner with Wing

Initial Session $ 495

Perfection Session $250


Lip Tattooing Pricing


Ombre Lip Enhancement

Natural looking Lip Enhancement, Natural Definition on the lip line with the color blending off softly to the lip opening

Initial Session $450

Perfection Session $295



Eye Design Enhancements Pricing


Brow Shape & Design $25

Brow Tinting $20

Brow Design & Tinting $35


Lash Tinting $25

Lash Lift & Tinting $70


Other face waxing services are also available*




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