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We are happy to answer any questions you have about Cosmetic tattooing / Micro Blading.


Exfoliate the area being treated before your treatment, dont use an exfoliator that is too harsh.


What is Feathering / Feather Touch Brows / Micro Blading?

Cosmetic tattooing/Micro blading/ etc. is a non-surgical treatment using a disposable hand tool with fine needles or microblade, pharmaceutical grade pigments are inserted into the skin in a hair stroke. 


This technique mimics the look of a natural brow. Results are immediate and long lasting, brining balance and definition to facial features.




What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Feathering or Feather Touch Brows is a form of cosmetic tattooing using a handtool or a Fine Tip Nano Needle to insert  a finer and more semi permanent hair stroke application. 


Feathering with a Microblade handtool is a very natural looking enhancement.

Feathering with a Nano Needle is still a natural and beautiful looking enhancment although the fading is reduced and the longevity of the enhancement is longer lasting.

Ombre, Powder Brows and a COMBINATION Brow is using a cosmetic tattoo machine to acheive a more prominant looking brow- such as a powder finish brow, Lip Blend Color enhancement or Eye Liner .


How long do the results last for?

The actual length of time is variable and depends on factors such as lifestyle, UV/sun exposure, skin type, individual cell and skin tissue activity (every ones skin and body functions differently) beauty & sometimes exercise regimen, the density of colour implanted into the skin  (soft enhancements ie. Feathering/ microblading, do not last as long as strong, bold enhancements).


All enhancements require a perfection session 6 weeks after the initial enhancement and again every 1-2 years to maintain their crispness and colour.


What if I am on medication, will it affect the procedure?

There are some medications that are contra-indicated.


It is vitally important that you discuss medications you are taking with us at your consultation.



Does it Hurt?

Client comfort is an important aspect of all cosmetic tattoo/micro blading procedures.


Be assured, we use the best topical numbing agents, both before and throughout the procedure ensuring your maximum comfort.


Some clients don’t feel it at all, soe fall asleep, some may feel it a little,  more in a few cases uncomfortable rather than unbearable.


Completely do -able


Will I need a touch up session?

Yes you will.


At the touch up we will fine tune any area that the skin may have rejected. 


A touch up session allows us to implant more color into the skin for the tattoos longevity. 


The degree of fading is specific to each client; we do not have control over your bodies healing process.


It is important to realise that you will need a colour boost every 1-2 years after your initial enhancements to maintain their fresh natural appearance.


As we age our skin changes.


The cosmetic tattoo/micro blading will eventually change as it ages; this is universal with all permanent makeup procedures.


Can I play sport or swim immediately following my procedure?

You will need to avoid sport on the day of the procedure, and avoid swimming, saunas, spas and steam rooms for at least 7 days or until the skin has fully healed as this could cause infection and the tattoo to fade.


Sweating needs to be avoided, as pores open up and excrete fluid during sweating, which can push out pigment color we have inserted.



Who is Cosmetic Tattooing / Micro Blading Suitable for?

Are your brows gappy, sparse, need filing out or non existent? 


In need of a shape upgrade? 


If you want to feel confident that your make up application is faultless with an endurance way beyond anything conventional cosmetics can offer, this is for you!


We also at Brow Culture offer life changing benefits to those who simply need brow correction and balance, or to those who suffer from hair loss from conditions like alopecia or chemotherapy treatment.


For those suffering hair loss from chemotherapy it is advisable to have the Cosmetic Tattooing/Micro Blading done prior to the chemotherapy and the subsequent hair loss, particularly with the eyebrows.


The reason for this is so that your natural hair growth patterns can be taken into consideration, so that when your eyebrows grow back, they will exist in harmony with your tattooed brow.


Who cannot have Cosmetic Tattooing / Micro Blading / Feather Touch Brows ?

At Brow Culture we ensure each client under goes a thorough consultation process to make sure there any contraindications or health restrictions are cleared, and that Cosmetic Tattoo/Micro Blading is safe for you.

  • We will not perform Cosmetic Tattooing/ Micro Blading on pregnant or breast feeding women.
  • Those who suffer from Diabetes are also unable to have these services,  
  • If you have a skin disorder or Disease affecting the area being treated thgis will needs to firstly be cleared up and secondly cleared by a doctor. 
  • If you are currently going through any chemo or radiation therapy this treatment will need to be discussed and cleared by your doctor.
  • Should you be taking any blood thinners, this will need to be addressed before going ahead with the treatment.
  • Clients with Keloid Scarring can not have Cosmetic Tattooing
  • Allergies to Lignocaine or Tetracaine mean the numbing anaesthetic can not be used
  • Any recent or up and coming surgery or Cosmetic Injections need to be discussed with Technician

What is involved in the procedure?  

We will measure out your face and draw in the shape that you are happy with. 


When you come in we will ask for any allergies, apply numbing anaesthetic cream and ask you to fill out a consultation form.


Before and after photos will be taken, as this is an important part of the transformation process.


Then a range of pigment colours that are right for your skin and hair tone are shown to you so you can decide which colour you prefer.


Then the procedure will begin once you have signed and agreed to all things discussed.



Should I have my eyebrows waxed before my procedure?

If you get your eyebrows waxed or tinted, please have this done at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled procedure.


It is best to wait 30 days after your procedure to have them tinted again.  We will clean up your eyebrows on the day of the procedure if necessary.



Can I still wear makeup after my procedure?

The treated area must be avoided - Makeup can be worn immediately after your procedure on the rest of your face.


Makeup can interfere with the absorption of the pigment. It is best to avoid putting anything on the treated area: no makeup, lotions, pencil etc. for 7 – 10 days after the procedure.


Only Bepanthen cream is applied to the area 3-4 times daily for 7-10 days after.


How will I look immediately afterwards?

Brows procedures are barely noticeable, usually only appearing darker. Minimal Eye Lid swelling can appear after liner, appearing as though you have been crying, this generally only lasts for a day or two.


Lips will swell and may remain swollen and chapped in appearance for several days.


Please keep in mind we do not have control over your bodies healing process and it is specific to the individual. 


Lip treatments generally draw coldsores. 


Especially if your are prone to them.



Is Cosmetic Tattooing / Feather Touch Brows / Micro Blading safe?

Absolutely! We follow a strict code of conduct at Brow Culture that ensures the safety of our clients.


Meticulous standards of hygiene are followed with the use of disposable equipment, cartridges, gloves everything.


We are trained & trained to the highest standards, and only use state of the art equipment and Australia approved Pharmaceutical grade pigments.

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